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Business Counselling

An Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre Business Counsellor can help you explore growth opportunities, address problem areas

in your business, and establish a clear vision of how to get ahead.

Our Business Counsellors are available to assist at every stage of the business cycle.


  • Interested in starting a business, but don’t know where to start
  • Looking for assistance with your business plan
  • An entrepreneur who sees a business growth opportunity sitting just beyond your reach
  • Thinking of expanding your company, but need trusted support and expert advice to get you there
  • Ready to pass on your business to a family member or sell your business
  • Looking for training for your business or staff

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Self-Employment Program (SE)

AEC administers the Self-Employment Program in Lunenburg County from our Bridgewater office and in Queens County from our Liverpool office. If you are interested in

starting your own business, and are Employment Insurance (EI) eligible, you may qualify for the Self Employment Program.

The program includes one-on-one business counselling, assistance researching and writing a business plan, post start-up

assistance and mentoring, and training and networking opportunities. The Self Employment program is funded by Employment

Nova Scotia.

For more information:

PHONE: (902) 543-1067

TOLL FREE: 1-877-232-2723



Selling For the Rest of Us

Selling for the Rest of Us will help you develop an authentic, personal approach to creating honest, ethical relationships with your



Essentials: crash course in the basics of the sales process for the person who needs to get customers right now (1 full day)

Foundations: 3 days of in-class learning and 3 weeks of virtual coaching and group support; learn by doing and get help along the

way; this is the best option for a new small business owner.

Pro: 3 days of training spread out over 13 weeks of practice, virtual and in-person coaching, peer support; when selling is all you do,

this is the best option.

In every session you’re going to learn how to:

  • find and connect with the customers who want to buy what you have to sell
  • have real conversations that don’t feel awkward or pushy
  • develop a personal language for selling that you can be comfortable with
  • reach the sweet spot of mutual benefit in negotiation
  • ask for the price that makes sense, without guilt
  • create a brand your customers will keep coming back to

You’ll learn that great selling is really just about creating a great relationship with people who have the same values and interests as you,

and helping them take advantage of an opportunity that will benefit them.

For more information: 1-866-654-4499, 902-585-1180,



Entrepreneurship Certificate Community of Practice

Entrepreneurs make informed decisions that seem risky to others. If you are the person in your organization who’s always rocking

the boat and coming up with new ways to change how to do things, you are probably an entrepreneur. This training can help

you channel that energy and get the best outcomes for your work.


Investing in your knowledge of how to run a business is as important as investing your money. Maybe more. The Entrepreneurship

Certificate curriculum gives you a complete package of skills, tools, and knowledge that will reap benefits for years to come.


  • A skilled facilitator with business and training experience
  • A review of the most relevant current business approaches
  • Many opportunities to discuss, learn, reflect, and share ideas with peers
  • Practical, hands-on practice
  • Tools you can use right away
  • An action plan
  • Experience and inspiration to take the next step
  • New social and business contacts
  • An advantage in the market compared to your competition, both in finding funding or investment, and in the viability of your businesses

Commitment to the program is not required for participation in any seminar. All seminars can be taken as independent trainings.

We hope you’ll take as many as you wish!

Each workshop is 3 hours long. The 23rd class is a full day. Workshops are held weekly in Bridgewater, NS.

Entrepreneurs take action. Register today!


PHONE: (902) 543-1067

TOLL FREE: 1-877-232-2723